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WAJ (Web Afghan in Japan) interviewed Mr. Fateh Sami three times to hear about the recent situation in Afghanistan. This time, based on latest situations up to September 12, we asked for a more detailed analysis and prospects. The interviewer is Juichi Noguchi, the Editor in Chief of WAJ



Pakistan Airstrike in Support of Taliban and ISIS Aggressive Militia on Civilians in Panjshir Ascertains that Pakistan is a Terror State.

 Taliban Brutal killing of Women, Children and Civilians in Panjshir is Ethnic Cleansing Operation - Vicious Crime against Humanity

The Silence of the International Community in the face of the Taliban’s brutal action in Afghanistan is questionable. Contrarily to what is propagated in certain pro-Taliban western media, concerning the Taliban change of attitude, they have not changed from worse to bad, but they have modified from worse to the worst. They are more savage and oppressive than to what they were twenty years back.


Q. The Pakistan government denies their support to the Taliban. I can understand the reason but why most of world mass medias thoroughly neglect the facts?  If you know the reason, please tell me.


A. There are many evidence to prove the Taliban connection with the ISI of Pakistan. Pakistan politicians deny but even a child knows in Afghanistan that Pakistan is being involved for four decades, continuing destruction of Afghanistan. Pakistani politicians cannot be trusted they are two-faced and hypocritical.


Now, the reason why the western mass media neglect this fact is, I think based on evidence certified by independent sources that commandos and fighter planes of Pakistan attacked the Panjshir valley. Tajikistan and former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned the attack of Pakistan in Panjshir. The Taliban are Pakistani slaves who have committed vicious crimes against humanity including massacres of children, women, and civilians in Panjshir. Recognition of this terror group means supporting criminals. Fax news reports, “The Pakistani military assisted the Taliban in attacking Panjshir with 27 helicopters belonging to the Special Forces and supported by drone strikes.” Also, in the attack of Panjshir 3000 of Taliban militia were captured and detained, they do not speak Persian and not Pashtu. Undeniable telephone call records show that the Taliban was desperately asking for more forces. That is why suddenly, the Pakistani fighters and drones appeared in the sky of Panjshir, striking indiscriminatingly the forces and the civilians of Panjshir, killing, and maiming many including the speaker of the National Resistant Front, Fahim Dashti.



Q. How do you think India reacts to such the Pakistan government and ISI’s policy, so called strategic depth policy?

A. It should otherwise it will be great headache for India as the Taliban are proxies of Pakistan. India and Pakistan have border conflicts and have had many wars and conflicts in the past. Therefore, Indian intelligence are very vigilant about the activities of Pakistan in Afghanistan. The ISI Chief recent visit of Kabul and the attack air attack on Panjshir Valley, on the position of the National Resistance forces were captured and already posted on social media.


Q. The Taliban was born in Pakistan by the ISI, so mainly they are Pashtuns. But it is said Tajiks and Uzbeks join them because they are Islamic. Is it true? How about Hazaras?


A. Taliban are dominant of Pashtun ethnicity trained in religious schools of Pakistan. Recently some Tajiks were also brained washed and joined the Taliban, but you can rarely see Taliban among Hazara people. It is very true.


Q.  Almost kings and prime ministers in Afghan history were Pashtuns. Now they have strong power and ability in governing Afghanistan, so they say. Is it true?

A. Well, true, and not true. True because kings and Emirs were installed by foreign forces, British and Russia for years to keep Afghanistan as a backward and buffer state. But the governments in Afghanistan in the course of history, mainly in the last 270 years has not worked for the unity of nation.

Not true because the kings did not work for the interests of Pashtuns and not for other ethnicities.  They always were using the divide and rule policy of British colonial era. That is why people are not pleased with the governments in which they cannot see themselves in power share. The frictions and constant conflicts emanate from the policy exercised by the totalitarian governments connected to foreign countries, with little power base among their people.  


Q. Also in Pakistan, Pashtun population is said to be from 15 to 20 per cent, and higher ratio in the military. Are they using these special character as two nations of Pakistan and Afghanistan for their ethnic advantage?


A. Pakistan does not want the Pashtun population to get together, otherwise, there will be a disintegration of Pakistan.  Pakistan administration does not want a strong dependent government in Afghanistan, otherwise, it will be placed as a sandwich between two strong nations, Afghanistan, and India. So, a weak government – pro-Pakistan and anti- India is the one which Pakistan has been always after.


 Q. In Pakistan, they have their own Taliban movement, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP). What is their relation to the Taliban in Afghanistan?


 A. They are one way, or another related to each other. They are all supervised by ISI to fulfil the objectives and interests of Pakistan in collaboration with China.


Q. Recently many Chinese companies and technicians are being attacked in Pakistan. The culprits are suspected to be Islamists. China (and the USA) want the Taliban and/or Pakistan to control these Islamic extremists. Are the Taliban capable of such a mission?


A. That is just planned attacks, in facts China after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan are getting close to the Taliban if can make a contract to excavate the mineral and copper in Afghanistan. China is interested to deal with Taliban, but I think the Taliban in Afghanistan are divided in different factions they cannot control the Islamic extremists in Afghanistan. Daesh is a foreign project to create a stumbling block against the geo-economic ambitions of China, to be used by his western rivals. In the long run there is a possibility of infiltration of Islamic extremist in Uighur which highly likely will have a negative impact on the relation of China and Pakistan. It is not something to be discussed now. 


 Q. On August the 25th, a unified action was undertaken in 35 countries around the world to protest the United States and the Taliban. Do you have a unified headquarters for overseas Afghans? How is it in Afghanistan?


 A. Demonstration against the Taliban are organised outside and inside the country. It was in London, many European countries, Canada, the USA as well as in many cities in Afghanistan. The demonstrations will continue to raise the peoples’ voices to the world public. There is not a formal worldwide unified command centre at present, but it will be formed. Now only people of Afghanistan living as refugees contact each community and organise it. It is not spontaneous protests but international gathering


Q. Half of the Ghani administration's income came from foreign aid, which also paid for the salaries of civil servants and soldiers. But now, Afghanistan's $ 9 billion foreign currency is frozen, and the Taliban cannot be used. What if the Taliban government seems to be financially deadlocked?


 A. Now the Taliban is not able to feed their militiamen. They are knocking on the doors in Kabul, asking for food. The Taliban will be faced with tremendous problems which will be disastrous by pushing the population into poverty and starvation.


Q. Such as the women demonstration in Kabul Herat and other parts of Afghanistan and suppressing their voice by inhumane violence, indicating that the Taliban has not changed.


A. The actions of the Taliban became quite clear to the people in a few days in Kabul after they captured the Kabul palace in an orchestrated collusion with Ashraf Ghani and Zalmay Khalilzad, the US envoy for the destruction of Afghanistan. The Taliban have not changed intellectually after twenty years, they have not shown mercy to the poor. They do not respect the dignity of the international human rights community and the accepted human rights treaties ‌‌, demonstrating it in practice.


They do drive people who worked with the previous government, educated people, journalists out of their homes, and shot them. They buy food from the shops but do not pay. Likewise, they fill in their car tanks with petrol at the petrol stations but do not pay. Women are threatened not to leave their homes. Their actions are unacceptable to educated women and the modern society of Afghanistan, which is why a huge wave of women took to the streets and expressed their hatred and disgust for the Taliban and their supporters, the ISI. The women chanted, "We do not want the Taliban. "Death to Pakistan, a supporter of Taliban and ISIS and the terrorist production centres."

During anti- Taliban demonstrations, women were beaten, and several people were wounded and killed. Unfortunately, the world is silent about the inhumane acts of this terrorist group, being put in a conspiracy to drive Afghanistan into unrest and civil war.


Q. When the Taliban attacked Panjshir, they suffered a severe defeat, with three 3000 prisoners of war (POW). How did the National Resistance Front (NEA) treat them?

A. The terror groups of the Taliban during their attack of Panjshir were captured and interned by defendants of the NRF. They were treated humanely. The leader of NRF, Ahmad Masoud assured them that they will be treated as his guests until they remain in Panjshir, and the difference is resolved through negotiation. The Taliban suffered a severe blow in attacking Panjshir.

However, there is no recognition of the status of the prisoners of war by the Taliban, they will either immediately kill them or enslave them.

But when the Pakistani air force in direct support of the Taliban attacked Panjshir, the Taliban committed heinous crimes against humanity. They started genocide and ethnic cleansing,

The women, children, civilians, youth, and elders were raided with billets. However, they (the civilians) were not involved in the resistance defence forces in the conflict that the Taliban started. While the international “defenders of human rights “kept dead silent about the crimes that the Taliban committed in Panjshir.


Q. The ISI chief entered Kabul and the Pakistan air force directly in support of Taliban attached Panjshir, committed genocide and ethnic cleansing operation.


 A. The Taliban reportedly shot at women and children in people's homes in Panjshir. Video clips from the Panjshir, National Resistance Front, testify to this claim. According to some Western media outlets claim they are different and has changed as compared to the Taliban of twenty years back. That is baseless and propaganda in favour of Taliban savagery, they become crueller and harsher than twenty years ago. They are human rights violators who have committed horrific crimes in the past and at present indiscriminately against men, women, and children and minorities with the direct support of the Foreign Intelligence Agencies, especially Pakistan, against the Afghan people. They committed genocide and forcing people to vacate Panjshir, Takhar and Badakhshan. That indicates that the group has no regard for international law, the UN Declaration of Human Rights on the right of people and women to liberty. Knowing the group's self-made administration, backed by Pakistani intelligence, is the persecution of the people in Afghanistan.


 Q. indications of Taliban action which will impose Afghanistan into a long conflict, leading to a civil war. What is the evidence of Pakistan involvement in the war of Panjshir?


A. Based on evidence certified by independent sources the 27 fighter planes and drones of Pakistan attacked the Panjshir valley. Tajikistan and former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned the attack of Pakistan in Panjshir. The Taliban are Pakistani slaves who have committed brutal crimes against humanity including massacres of children, women, and civilians in Panjshir. Recognition of this terror group means supporting criminals. Fax news reports, “The Pakistani military assisted the Taliban in attacking Panjshir with 27 helicopters belonging to the Special Forces and supported by drone strikes.”


 Q. Why it took so long for the Taliban to announce their cabinet?


A. There are various factions of the Taliban struggling to have more power. The recently announced Cabinet of Taliban, the ISI slaves, and proxies is composed of war criminals, human rights violators, ISIS operatives, terrorist prisoners and women abusers most of them are on the UN blacklist.


Q. Who are the main figures in the Taliban government?


A. Most of them, as an example the nominated acting minister of interior affairs, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who is on the UN blacklist. They cannot govern. They are neither experienced in administration and nor have the capacity for construction. They have the power to destroy, not to build. In the composition of the groups and figures who had shown their capacity for massacre and destruction many times around Afghanistan.  


The Taliban cabinet is full of figures who are   either uneducated or without any modern educational background. They have been promoted because of their victory in the war. The group refusal to share power with others, claiming that they have expanded their undisputed power in Afghanistan. They announced their government and astonished everyone by not introducing proper figures apart from people who have terrorist backgrounds. The National Resistance Font in Panjshir is still fully active and the Taliban's claims about occupying this area are not accurate. The resistance is not confined only in Panjshir, it is a nationwide resistance that will be strengthened every day. The voice of resistance in Panjshir has already strong repercussions which cannot be suffocated, the Taliban and their patron need to realise it.

There are many concerns about the fate of Afghanistan. Reports say the country's economy is on the verge of collapse and the opposition forces are growing steadily.  However, the Taliban do not seem to easily transfer or share the power they have gained in collusion with Ashraf Ghani, Khalilzad, Hamid Karzai and others. By announcing their cabinet, they showed that they are not interested in sharing power, and everyone understand.


Q. Does the cabinet represent a broad-based government as it was said before the Taliban captured Kabul?


A. Not all, the cabinet is representing a typical, ethnic, linguistic, tribalistic, single religious (sunnies), a monopolistic self-centred cabinet which was made in the past by colonial forces in the last two centuries. That is why the people of Afghanistan have not experienced any broad-based system yet because of the installation of certain mercenaries connected to the foreign intelligence organisation in power, as currently by the interservice intelligence of Pakistan, the ISI.


Q. Are the Taliban government able to provide national cooperation with the narrow vision they have of Islam? They are Mulla religious leaders, none of them has any experience or expertise to run the country.


 A. Of course, most of them have narrow vision of Islam.  They are fanatic, extremist religious groups and they have very limited knowledge of Islam, their actions are contrary to the injunctions of Islam and the Holy Quran. Islam is being used as a coverup to conceal their real intention which is to be in power. They do not have any experts in any sectors of the economy, health, education, agriculture, communication, construction and so in. They are just proxies in the hand of Pakistan currently occupying Afghanistan.


Q. Do you ascertain division of power in ISI backed Taliban administration—such as the legislative, executive, and judicial power.?


A. Not really, it is a medieval authoritarian system that has not any congruence with modern government systems in the world.


Q. Most of the members of the new Taliban government are on the blacklist of the UN for their crimes against humanity. How have they chosen their members of the cabinet? What are their criteria for selection? Why demonstrations against the Taliban are everywhere in the world?


A. In the selection of the Taliban’s self-made cabinet, the criteria are being a member of their group and not based on any expertise. The more they have committed the crime, the more they want to have power in the government. They are suffering from internal discords, the moderate and extremists, and tribal rivalry between the Giljai and Durrani. The young, educated generation do not get along with them. The people inside and outside Afghanistan express their discontent by holding demonstrations, so they are not accepted by the Afghan community inside and outside the country. The anti-Taliban movement stands as a great challenge for the Taliban to get national and international recognition.


Q. Why does the Taliban say that any resistance against them is considered illegitimate and should be put down based on Islamic law?


A. What legitimacy do they hold to have such a claim? They are a terror group that have committed crimes times and again against the people of Afghanistan. They are composed of extremist terror militia groups. As I mentioned earlier, they have a very limited vision about running a government. The only thing they are used to is suppressing any resistance by using violence at gunpoint.


Q. Has the Taliban has changed as compared to 20 years ago?

A.  That is what Khalilzad was saying, the US special envoy for the so-called peace. He is vainly trying to cover up his failure since the first Bonn conference who was lobbying and supporting in favour of two incompetent and corrupt presidents in an ostentatious, orchestrated, and fake elections, Hamid Karzai, and Ashraf Ghani. Within a few days, the Taliban proved that they are more ferocious than two decades before.


Q. “How do the Taliban treat the captured soldiers? Do they treat them as POWs stipulated by international law?" 


A. They just shot the POWs instantly, beat them badly and inhumanely there are many video clips as evidence.


Q. The Taliban claims to have crushed the resistance and entered Panjshir. This claim is of course rejected. But considering the existing conditions and the entry of food, etc. into this area, can the current situation in Panjshir be long-term?


Panjshir Valley is geographically full of valleys and difficult to cross. One of these valleys is Bazarak, the centre of the province. It is the closest and most accessible valley with an asphalt road. The Taliban had taken over the area after a heavy Pakistani air strikes.  But the other valleys are in full control of the resistance forces. The resistance forces are there, and they are not only Tajiks, but they are people of different ethnicities gathered from various parts of the country fully determined to resist the Taliban and the Pakistani army disguised as Taliban. They do not speak Pashtu nor Persia-Dari. They speak Urdu, the national language of Pakistan.


Do not forget that at a time when the Soviet Union was invading Panjshir, it was not said that Panjshir did not fall into the hands of enemy forces, it fell in the hands of enemy like the Bazarak centre. This area fell several times, but the rest of the valley did not fall to the Red Army. The situation of this region geographically, topographically, and demographically is unique. The resistance forces existing in Panjshir rationally expressed a conciliatory mood and called for a ceasefire and reconciliation.

But the Taliban's approach is to expand their ethnic sovereignty throughout the country, geographically, humanely, and culturally.  That attitude faces resistance now and in the future. There are many differences between southern and northern Afghanistan, and this is what has led to the resistance for so long.


Q. Some countries used to support the Panjshir movement. But now their main supporter is Tajikistan. Given the new developments in the region and the fact that the Taliban are no longer as hated as they were in the 1990s and are trying to maintain ties with other countries, how will the situation in Panjshir and for the Taliban opposition in general?


 A. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country. There is not any majority and minority based on census. The population is composed of many ethnicities, The resistance forces want justice and a fair share for all populations in Afghanistan without any discrimination and prejudice based on any type of affiliation. The population in north, south, east, and west of Afghanistan are composed of various ethnicities, so one ethnic group cannot dominate all. In other word, no ethnicity alone can strengthen its domination for ever as in the past. In modern age, they are unable to survive in the long run due to ethnic pluralism in Afghanistan. On the other hand, there are also many divisions and differences between the Taliban. There is no unity among them in a tribal system, hence, there will be always conflicts among them due to variations of opinion and struggle for power



Fateh Sami

Date; 13/09/2021