افغان موج   

By: Fateh Sami  

Why Does Kabul Regime Surrenders Cities to Taliban

Current Situation:The mysterious advances of Taliban in attacking and capturing districts one after another in different parts of Afghanistan such as Badakhshan, Takhar, Jawzjan,

Herat, Kandahar, Badghis, Helmand, Ghazni are of serious concern.

The Taliban are committing serious crimes against Afghan citizens in the occupied territories. The rapid advance of the Taliban and the fall of the occupied territories is not accidental but intentional. The conquest of districts without the resistance of the defence and security forces of the country is formed by the order of the high-ranking government officials, Ashraf Ghani, and his close associates.

Reliable reports from Kabul indicate that the security forces are not allowed to conduct military operations against the Taliban without the permission of Hamdullah Moheb, Afghanistan's national security advisor. The perpetrators will severely be punished for violating his command. Hamdullah Moheb, a computer technician, is the grandson of Younis Khalis, a former Mujahid in the war against the former Soviet Union. Younis Khalis, the founder of the Taliban, was under the direct support and supervision of the ISI. Hamdullah Moheb is known as a foreign agent in Afghanistan. The Taliban have been trained and equipped to fight and carry out suicide bombingsin Afghanistan being trained so far in Pakistani religious schools. The United States and the international community know that Pakistan has been a haven for the Taliban. The first Taliban movement was trained, brainwashed, and organised by ISI with the help of Maulvi Younis Khalis, Hamdullah Moheb's grandfather. Hence, Hamdallah Mohebi’s desire for the Taliban is to the extent that he inherited it from his grandfather.

According to eyewitnesses, the Taliban committed thousands of crimes against civilians, women, and children during the deliberate fall of the districts. Civilians, farmers, shopkeepers, greengrocers, and workers were shot in front of their families and children, and houses were ransacked and looted. They stole people's property and committed heinous crimes to intimidate the local people and create an atmosphere of terror. On this occasion, Afghan immigrants protested widely in all countries. They have organised a protest gathering against the Taliban and their supporters to draw the attention and support of the people around the world, especially the UN Security Council to listen to the voices of the oppressed people of Afghanistan who are victims of the Taliban's blatant aggression with the unwavering military, logistical and political support of the Pakistani administration unending proxy war.

Suggestion of Indian to suppress Pakistan’s grip from Afghanistan:

 Major General Bakshi, an Indian military officer, said that Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban groups were made in Pakistan and with their 10,000-strong regiment when US troops left Afghanistan urgently launched a large-scale operation to suppress resistances forces in particular the Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras. Pakistani tribal extremists set up to bring to power the Taliban, created by Nasrallah Babar. He added that the Indian government should not be unresponsive, we should act in a timely manner, but sending troops and logistics to the people of northern Afghanistan will be difficult and very expensive. He said that his Prime Minster, Narendra Modi is making a big mistake about remaining indifferent.  Bakshi says Afghanistan's population does not differ much in terms of ethnic composition ratio.

 I (the writer) agree with him as a senior statistician and demographer there has never been a complete census in Afghanistan.  The preliminary stages of the first census of Afghanistan were carried out in 1978 during the presidency of Mohammad Daud. But the actual census was conducted in 1979 during the pro-Soviet government of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA), right at the time when the popular uprisings started against the government of Noor Mohammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin.  The government wanted to show the world that there is peace in Afghanistan ‌ and the people do support our government and there is not any turmoil.  During the census operation more than half of the census areas did not come under the census coverage. The census local offices were looted, and many enumerators were killed on the spot. So, there is not any accurate ethnicity wise population data available based on a census. Therefore, the claim of majority and minority of population is nothing but a baseless and hollow claim just to retain power by one ethic group.

Therefore, General Bakhsh’s information is quite accurate about the composition of the Afghan population. The proportion of Afghanistan's population composition is not significantly different in terms of lineage, there may be a minor difference of one or two percentage point between the Tajik and Pashtun ethnic groups. Although Afghanistan's population statistics are inaccurate. But the population ethnic composition could hardly vary by one or to two percent, there is no majority or minority claim that has been abused for years.

He suggests that to prevent ISI greyhounds in Afghanistan, Pakistan should be pressured from the eastern border by India, while the Taliban and Pakistani forces are attacking the north of Afghanistan. In this case, the northern anti- Taliban forces will be emboldened and will win, and on the other hand, the Pakistani economy will be pressured to collapse to zero. China cannot make up for Pakistan's economic failure with its economic aids. A simple option for India before Pakistan succeeds in Afghanistan by installing the Taliban in power and then to fight India in Kashmir after consolidating its position in Afghanistan, so we must now step forward and put Pakistan under immense pressure on a new front. For detail listen to his interview in below.


The reason for returning of Taliban are internal and external.

A.     Internal factors are mainly due to installation of corrupt and incompetent people at the head of state in the name of democratic election. Under the recommendation of Zalmay Khalilzad, the so-called envoy of US for peace, but for inflaming war in Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai and Ashraf Ghani were put in a bogus election to power.  They both were supporting Taliban based on their ethnic propensity and affiliations.

·       For twenty years, the people of Afghanistan have been forced to remain neutral and indifferent in the face of oppression, discrimination, and social injustice to escape the recurrence of the civil war. And it is the most important cause of crises and the fall of governments. With this neutrality and indifference, the people showed the government that the presence of foreigners is better than the injustice and oppression of the oppressive government, and they did not revolt against the occupiers even once in twenty years.

·       In the name of democracy, there were exploitative and biased abuses in all sectors of economy, agriculture, industry, and education.  Democracy became a tool for usurpation of land, houses, and plundering of national capital. Democracy in the name of elections insulted and betrayed the will of most of the people. Control of the nation's life was given to the foreign intelligence-controlled press, half-baked unions, ostensibly civic organizations, and bankers' loudspeakers, which made the plunderers richer and most people poorer.

·       Twenty years of US, UN and other rich countries’ aids and donations to the corrupt Governments were a loss of an historical opportunities. If the aids were used properly, it would have been an outstanding chance for fostering intellectual, moral, political, investment, and economic freedom. Unfortunately, instead of taking advantage of these unprecedented opportunities, the corrupt governments of Karzai and Ashraf Ghani sowed the seeds of enmity, ethnic animosity, resentment, and extremism throughout the country, and even encouraged a return to medieval terror and ignorance.

·       In the name of women's liberation, all kinds of shamelessness and abuse of women's rights and honour took place. The above and other factors encouraged the Taliban, the medieval representatives of the 21st century, to ridicule the nature of the election as the occupiers' invention to legitimize the puppets and did not consider the Kabul government worthy of negotiation and proposed the removal of Ashraf Ghani as a condition for political negotiations.

·       Ashraf Ghani is the main executor of the American-Pakistani programs. Clearly, intelligence has immobilised Ashraf   Ghani to use the government's military machine to suppress Taliban attacks.  Ghani’s government has paralysed all the power of Afghanistan's war and defence machine, especially the army, and those who are fighting the Pakistani proxy army on the front lines have been deprived of all government logistical and military cooperation and air assistance, and even access to a loaf of bread. They are deprived of ammunition.

·       Scholars view about Ashraf Ghani:“He is the most   divisive chauvinistic and biased person, preferring his own ethnicity. “Ashraf Ghani is crazy for power. He is not different from the Taliban, but only in seeking power. What the Taliban is doing that is what Ghani wants to be done. He neither believes in concepts such as democracy, human rights, pluralism, diversity of languages and cultures, civil rights, a citizen-centred society and nor in social justice.

·       He has plunged Afghanistan into a chaotic and on-going conflict because of his delusions, thoughts, stupidity, ignorance, selfishness that he cherishes. He must go, there is neither peace nor hope in his presence. His evil triangle, his associates in the place, is doomed to decline. Of course, with this fall, the bloodiest phase of the wars in Afghanistan begins! He will be buried with his satanic ideas and min-sets.” Says Partaw Naderi a popular poet and writer of Afghanistan.


Afghanistan is on the verge of a civil war. This evil war has no sacred purpose. Both sides accuse each other of betraying and serving foreigners because of their power rivalry. The military experts of Afghanistan and of the world know that the main loser in the war on both sides in the future are people in Afghanistan. Neighbouring countries negotiate with both sides to protect their interests, and in addition to diplomatic formalities, threaten both sides to put aside their selfishness and political stubbornness and warn that if the situation gets out of control, they will not remain neutral.

The awakening of the people has forced international organizations, especially neighbouring countries, who seek their interests in Afghanistan insecure, to put pressure on the so-called UAE Taliban that people will not bow to the to Afghanistan with their mentality of Middle Ages, of ignorance providing an appealing ground for training and fostering terrorism and extremism.

The Taliban have not changed from the past and are reluctant to say farewell to their filthy thoughts of the past. The Islamic world calls the famous Taliban a heresy to the Sharia and a fatwa. The meaning of the famous commandment is to invite the good and fight against the ugly. Twenty years of wasted opportunities and possibilities showed that no power, no matter how great, can ensure peace, security, prosperity, and tranquillity without the support of the people.

B.    External factors Pakistan and its supporters; in growing Taliban for its   Pakistan proxy war in Afghanistan and the US and NATO turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s Taliban incubating centres.

Afghanistan with the help of the fifth pillar within the Afghan political system, the second phase of surrender and collapse of major cities and provinces has begun at the height of Kabul regime's indifference.The rapid collapse of government institutions is nothing but a show of a strategic political line that was laid by the US-Pakistan years ago and inevitably framed in Doha's deceitful peace plan while the proxy division was going on, with the help of the Kabul and Provincial Governments. The current developments are part of implicit US-Taliban treaty in Qatar, which is based on US-Pakistan pillaging plans and for establishing the Islamic Emirate.

Based on many evidence and documents, it has been observed that Pakistan has not only relied on its proxy forces to occupy Afghanistan, but also have entered tens of thousands of its troops to the territory of Afghanistan. This war is led by Pakistani generals in all provinces of Afghanistan. The countless coffins of Pakistani troops to the country speak undeniably of the depth of Pakistani intervention in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has been engaged for four decades in destruction and bloodshed in Afghanistan as former Canadian politician and diplomat Chris Alexander has accused Pakistan of being complicit in “Proxy war and war crimes” and engaging in an “act of aggression” against neighbouring Afghanistan.  He tweeted on Sunday, “Taliban fighters waiting to cross the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Anyone still denying that Pakistan is engaged in an ‘act of aggression ‘against Afghanistan is complicit in proxy war and war crime.


Alongside regimes in Russia, China and Iran, Pakistan deserves recognition as amongst the world’s greatest disruptors for its proxy war in Afghanistan. Many Canadians have lost their lives in pursuit of Afghanistan’s freedom and prosperity. Though the price was steep, Canada was a major contributor toward bringing greater stability to the country, strengthening a democratic government, empowering women, and girls, and much more.

However, despite substantial efforts from the international community, Afghanistan remains mired in a worsening conflict – and these gains are increasingly under siege.


“More sanctions on Pakistan for "Ending Pakistan's Proxy War in Afghanistan? Consistency and more sanction are needed to impose on Pakistan. US is not militarily much involved in Afghanistan but leaving Afghanistan to Taliban is supporting the entire British legacy. Terrorism should not be admitted not to sign sanction against Pakistan.” Mr Alexander Canada's former Immigration Minister, added. Alexander makes several recommendations, including calling on Pakistan to end its covert proxy war. Pakistan should be held accountable at the UN, responsible for supporting terrorist organizations, listing Pakistan as an official state sponsor of terrorism until it ends its proxy war, suspending coalition force reductions pending an unconditional ceasefire, convening genuine peace negotiations between Kabul and Islamabad, and much more.


Alexander argues that, instead of working to achieve stability under democratic institutions chosen by Afghans, Pakistan’s post-9/11 military leaders have “sheltered Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda while working to scale up military and terrorist campaigns prosecuted by the Taliban’s Quetta Shura, the Haqqani Network, and other groups.”

Alexander reveals that the Taliban and their allies have received unstinting support from Pakistan’s military for decades. This state terror as statecraft has systematically resulted in the Taliban’s capacity to continue engaging in terrorist activities. As a result, “ISI’s covert proxy war has killed a total of about 124,000 people to date – more than half of them Taliban fighters and nearly one third Afghan civilians,” notes Alexander. Moreover, 80000 Afghan national army have been killed thousands of women and children were maimed and killed and displaced. Thousands of young, educated people are wandering in the neighbouring countries including Turkey and Europe.

Those responsible for the continuation of Pakistan’s proxy war in Afghanistan have not been held accountable. This has enabled the impunity enjoyed by Pakistan’s military leaders.  “The regional conflict – and its resolution – is no longer about Afghanistan and Pakistan alone. It is about the credibility of international institutions, including the UN and NATO,” writes Alexander. “It is also about the future of proxy war as an instrument of policy – at a time when Russia’s Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, Iran’s Khamenei, and others are eager to mimic ISI impunity.”

Undeniable evidence of Pakistan crime in Afghanistan:

This is another evidence of Pakistan sending Taliban under the name defending Islam, killing raping children’s innocent people the picture in the following site stands as undeniable evidence. Why the UN and those countries who were actively involved for twenty years in Afghanistan’s affairs in the name of fighting terrorism, are ignoring Pakistan in its proxy war in Afghanistan? How it can be darned to deny that Pakistan is not the main perpetrator of such a cruel policy going on for killing the people of Afghanistan and devastating the country.The Taliban's recent advance on the northern, northeast, south and southwestern fronts of Afghanistan, which was accompanied by bloodshed and fire, is not due to the Taliban's strength but to the central government's collusion with the US-led process.



This is the video of Pakistani, Panjabi Talib savagely raping an Afghan12 year girl.  Can you still deny the involvement of Pakistan in its proxy war in Afghanistan?


Pakistani lady complains stands as an evidence of Pakistan’s governments in Afghanistan killing the Afghan people by assisting and providing haven for Taliban, intensifying its proxy war in controlling Afghanistan.


The Pakistani man says that we are forced by our country to go and fight in Afghanistan. It is not allegation watch the below link as an evidence. There are hundreds and thousands visual and audio witnesses to provoke that Pakistan is the coordinator of an undeclared war against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighbouring Afghanistan for about four decades.


Report from Zaranj- See your Facebook sent by Jalal.

According to eyewitness, Ms Hotak a government staff in Nimroz talking with DW radio, Zaranj, the capital of Nimroz was handed over to the Taliban. She says, “our traitor government and leaders delivered the city to the Taliban militia without shooting a single bullet. The governor with his forces fled to Cha Borjak and to Iran. Taliban are everywhere in the city; the majority are Pakistani Baluch and Panjabi and Iranian Baluch. Since entering the city, they are mucking around in the streets knocking and entering people’s houses by force, searching for people who work with the government. They have killed many people and forcing the residents to feed them. Plundering and stealing are continuing, all the roads are blocked by Taliban. Nobody can escape.” Listen to the detail in this link.


The political, economic, and moral corruption of the government and the violence and backwardness of the Taliban have awakened the people. The awakening of people shakes the government, consequently, shelters the people with sad gestures, recognising their power. So, that the future government of Afghanistan needs to be based on the people’s’ will, observation of human rights and civil law.